It is widely recognised that training is key to success, adding value at every juncture

Training leads to understanding what steps need to be taken and when, to achieve a successful placement, or when to put the brakes on. A successful placement is one that does not expose you to complaint, risk or liability, and earns you a fully recoverable fee! Collated processes capture the steps so that they can apply throughout your organisation and secure all your fees!

Lawspeed recruitment agency training programs can give real practical insight into all fundamental requirements, including

  • understanding how contracts work
  • how particular legislation applies
  • what your options are in each case
  • what to do if something goes wrong
  • how to identify problems

The benefit to management teams is understanding best practice within the context of your operations and sectors of interest, and then, with the benefit of mapped process, applying it through training to your consultant teams. To complement the training and understanding of process we have flowcharts available that map each step and identify the documentation to be used in each case, for tailoring to your business.

Training can be delivered on site or through webinars and processes and flowcharts with documentation can be installed on your internal system.

Talk to us about the options available and let us help you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel!

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Areas for advice include:

  • Agency regulations
  • Agency Worker Regulations
  • Tax relevant to agency workers, contractors and freelancers
  • Employment issues including employee management
  • Employment status
  • Data protection/GDPR
  • Contract issues
  • Relationship aspects, for example with 3rd part suppliers
  • Disputes, fee recovery and back door hire