Is now the time to review your employment contracts and policies? Free 30 minute review

As we move along the roadmap out of lockdown, with staff potentially returning to the office and the need for staff on the increase, now could be the optimum time to ensure that your employment contracts and policies are up to date. Whether you are a start-up or an existing employer, having the right terms in place can save considerable problems so take this opportunity to review and set the tone for the coming upturn.

Whether it’s a move to remote working, hybrid working, new or adjusted roles, promotion, or a change in responsibilities, any change in terms and conditions provides an ideal opportunity for an employer to issue updated contracts and policies, and in doing so making sure that post termination restrictions are reflective of the relationship. These include not only restrictions on competing with an employer, something which has been the subject of a recent consultation, but also restrictions on soliciting staff candidates and clients.

Most employers will issue terms at the start of employment, but not update these when arrangements or responsibilities change. Yet, whether a post termination restriction is reasonable and protects a legitimate interest of the employer is assessed at the point a contract is entered into, not at the point of its enforcement. Terms and conditions should therefore ideally be revisited regularly, in particular if the employee is promoted or takes on additional responsibility.

As specialist in recruitment and employment law with focus on the recruitment sector, Lawspeed understands the key concerns and considerations of recruitment businesses and hirers when engaging staff. Call us now for a free 30 minute expert review of your employment arrangements on 01273 236236 quoting ‘Expert 30 minute review’. Offer open until end of May 2021.