Tax seminar with HMRC on MSC rules and more

This seminar on 14th July in London will take place in conjunction with HMRC to explain the managed service company (MSC) rules, why hirers and employment businesses could be liable for unpaid levels of PAYE and NICs, and the steps to take to avoid that risk. This follows the recently reported reliance by HMRC on the MSC rules to ramp up its tax avoidance effort against certain types of accountancy groups servicing company contractors; for more information on the background see our article of 22nd April.


Since the MSC rules were introduced in 2007 they have received little publicity, and so many could be forgiven for allowing this subject to pass them by. However the newly publicised reliance on the rules by HMRC presents a real and present danger to hirers and employment businesses who use company contractors indirectly engaged via third party service providers, often referred to as payroll or umbrella companies. In the circumstances this subject demands immediate attention not least as company directors of hirers and employment business may be personally liable for the tax debt.

The seminar will address the law, the rationale, and the steps to take to avoid risk, and this is also an opportunity to hear directly from HMRC.

In addition, as the rules sit alongside other agency contractor and worker supply rules and regulations, our experts will also discuss the tax ramifications of each and the part each plays in the overall supplied worker/contractor tax regime.

London – 14th July 2022.
For more information and to book your place see here.

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