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Recruitment contract and terms templates

Take your recruitment contracts and terms to the next level

  • Tried and tested terms of business and worker/employment contracts for all recruitment models including umbrella
  • Ready to use
  • Supplied with guidance and instructions
  • Updated when required
  • Online hosting and tracking option
  • Supported with legal and compliance advice
  • Additional documentation as needed

“Lawspeed contracts and terms, never to our knowledge beaten in a dispute for 25 years”

“An excellent investment for any business”

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More Information:

The terms in a contract establish what the parties expect to happen in a certain scenario and are particularly critical in the event of a dispute. In the context of recruitment operating contracts or terms of business, failure to include correct terms required by regulation may result in loss of fees or exposure to regulatory liability. Similarly commercial risks need addressing in an ever evolving world.

Exceptional recruitment and employment terms and conditions

Used widely throughout the UK since 1997, Lawspeed recruitment and employment contract terms not only provide best protection taking into account the key legal, regulatory (including tax)  and commercial aspects, but are well presented and designed to be user friendly (i.e. not stuffy and old fashioned), as well as ‘admin light’. With trigger actions, opt outs (where required), split terms and tracking features (online versions) built in, these contracts take practicality, time saving, protection and compliance security to the next level. Ideal for businesses looking for sophisticated contracts that take them to the next level. 

Most popular terms are:

  • Client Terms of Business
  • Contractor and worker PAYE terms, including IR35 contracts
  • Consultancy and Statements of Work
  • Agency employment contracts
  • Agency to Umbrella

Auto updates and more

Like cars, contracts require servicing from time to time to remain roadworthy. For example where new legislation is imposed such as the GDPR or IR35, changes are necessary to keep the contracts fit for purpose. As a result, Lawspeed contracts come with an auto update option, referred to by us as ‘contract maintenance’. If a change is required for new commercial or legal reasons, we make the update and provide it to you through our innovative online platform, Proterms keeping you bang up to date and saving you the time and the trouble.