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Recruitment contract and terms templates

What is the right contract to use?

The purpose of a written contract is to capture the agreements and arrangements that are important to a trading or employment relationship. The document not only serves as a reminder of what was agreed from time to time, but the terms are invariably critical in the event of a dispute. For example if the wrong terms are used in your recruitment terms and conditions or contract, claims for fees due may fail, employment status may be affected, and unexpected regulatory liabilities and risks may follow.

Exceptional recruitment and employment terms and conditions

Used widely throughout the UK since 1997, Lawspeed recruitment agency and employment contracts are exceptional, accurate and commercially realistic. Drawing on our wide experience in the recruitment/hire/supply/contractor sector, Lawspeed recruitment and employment contract templates not only provide best protection taking into account the key legal, regulatory and commercial aspects, but are designed to be user friendly (i.e not stuffy and old fashioned), and ‘admin light’.

Auto updated

Like cars, contracts require servicing from time to time to remain roadworthy. For example where new legislation is imposed such as the GDPR or IR35, changes are necessary to keep the contracts fit for purpose. As a result Lawspeed contracts come with an auto update option, referred to by us as ‘contract maintenance’. If a change is required for new commercial or legal reasons, we make the update and deliver it to you, saving you the time and the trouble.

Issue, track and control

New from June 2020 Lawspeed contracts and updates can be accessed via our contract management platform Proterms.co.uk. Whether you are a recruitment business or an employer in any sector, use Lawspeed contracts, or your own or other templates, this platform is for you. Set up and control the documents you use, track issued terms, acceptance, opt outs and staff performance, and enhance your compliance function with instant updating. Suitable for most engagement contracts including contractor terms, employment and PAYE terms. Supported templates include trade association generated model contracts. This portal will help you get the most from online automation.