Checking you have the right contract terms in place is critical

Not every client will negotiate, but understanding the risks or liabilities your client wishes you to take on leaves you able to negotiate or accept terms from a position of knowledge. The same applies to any contract proposed to you by any 3rd party. Terms in one contract may highlight the need to have terms in another related contract, to give you the protection you need.

Whichever service you choose, attention to detail is guaranteed to pay dividends

Lawspeed’s 3rd party contract review service is set up to identify clauses that could mean that your business is not protected, or you are exposed to unwelcome liabilities. Our efficient process identifies any problem area and suggests a potential solution, with alternative wording where required, allowing you to consider all available options. Time invariably being of the essence for you, the service operates on a rapid turn around basis.

The detail in your own business and internal documentation is equally as important. In today’s competitive environment and against the backdrop of increased requirements for legislative compliance, having the right wording and policy plays a central role in protecting your best interests. Let us help you identify how you can improve and secure your business by reviewing your client and candidate terms, and your internal employment contracts and policies.

Lawspeed’s 3rd party business terms review service is competitively priced with reductions for multiple reviews. Simply email your enquiry and the contract to be reviewed and ask us for a quote and an estimated turn around time. In respect of review of your own documentation we would like to discuss in more detail, so please call us.

Whichever service you choose, attention to detail is guaranteed to pay dividends!

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