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Proterms Online Hosting – No Signatures Required

Proterms Online Hosting – No Signatures Required

Issue, track and control your contracts

The Proterms online hosting – with no signatures required for acceptance – allows you to create multiple copies of your master contracts, edit and issue them with or without attachments, obtain acceptance without any signature, and track them with a comprehensive audit trail recorded for all time.

With plenty of additional features, this platform is our own proprietary system designed to ensure standard terms of business and employment contracts  are secure, and the process from creation to delivery is as easy and as fast as can be.

Suitable for:
  • All Lawspeed contracts
  • Most non Lawspeed standard terms of business or contracts, e.g. REC, APSCO, TEAMS and other
For more information or to book a demo see www.proterms.co.uk

or call us on 01273 236236