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Lawspeed News

We are pleased to announce that a representative from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will be joining Lawspeed’s presentation on the tax and compliance issues arising from using off payroll staff on 14th July.
14 June 2022
This seminar on 14th July in London will take place in conjunction with HMRC to explain the managed service company (MSC) rules, why hirers and employment businesses could be liable for unpaid levels of PAYE and NICs, and the steps to take to avoid that risk.
7 June 2022
In April 2020, a key change was introduced affecting employment businesses supplying PAYE temps, which, due to the timing, in the midst of the first lockdown and introduction of furlough, may have slipped under the radar of many. However, it is important to check your compliance and take any required actions.
8 April 2022
The Government has announced an extra bank holiday on Friday 3rd June in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee. In addition, the traditional late May bank holiday is being moved to Thursday 2nd June, providing for a four-day holiday weekend. What do businesses need
6 April 2022
April 2022 will see an increase in the National Minimum Wage (‘NMW’) combined with an increase in employers’ National Insurance contributions (‘NICs’), these changes will have an impact on engagement and supply chain costs.
28 March 2022
From 6th April 2022, regulations relating to the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (‘PPE’) will be extended to cover workers as well as employees, placing responsibility on agencies for ensuring that appropriate PPE is provided to workers free of charge.
18 March 2022
When agencies engage with umbrella companies, they rely on the umbrella making payments to contractors timeously and generally these arrangements work very smoothly, with payments being made either immediately, or very shortly after, receipt of funds from the agency.
25 January 2022
HMRC has refreshed its campaign to help contractors, who are self-employed or engaged through an agency or umbrella company, understand their pay arrangements. The intention being that individuals understand if they could be at risk, so they don’t get an unexpected tax bill. HMRC has asked that we share access to these resources with our readers. 
14 December 2021
In addition to HMRC’s other actions, a call for evidence has been issued jointly by BEIS, HM Treasury and HMRC regarding umbrella companies.  The document indicates concerns regarding regulatory and tax non-compliance in the sector, as well as signalling a clear intent to legislate, however to get it right information and evidence is sought on current arrangements. 
14 December 2021
10 years after it was introduced, the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 have seemingly lain unmentioned. The few reported claims bely the drama that unfolded in 2010 when the regulations, in some people’s minds, threatened the very end of agency supply work.
23 November 2021

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