New shared parental leave arrangements

The coalition government has announced that it will begin a consultation process into extending flexible parental leave to allow both parents to enjoy flexible working in the period following the birth of a child.

The coalition has also confirmed that it will continue with the introduction of the Additional Paternity Leave Regulations 2010 that were introduced by the last administration stating that they represent “a small step in the right direction, but do not go far enough”. The Additional Paternity Regulations 2010 give employed fathers the right to take up to six months extra paternity leave once the mother of the child has returned to work where some of this leave can be paid if the mother has a period of maternity pay remaining.

Statutory maternity pay is currently payable at two rates: a earnings related figure of 90% of earnings payable for up to 6 weeks ; followed by a further (up to) 33 weeks at a standard rate which is currently £124.88 per week.  

Lawspeed will report on the new consultation as and when it is published.