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Lawspeed’s Spring 2023 Webinar Series

There’s nothing very exciting about compliance, but we all know that it is essential to secure sales and profitability. In the recruitment industry there are many regulatory compliance aspects that businesses must have regard to, if not to risk an unwelcome claim down the line. This 2023 Webinar series looks at key areas of risk for recruitment businesses, the dos and the don’ts in each case, with a view to helping you secure your balance sheet.

Each webinar will be delivered via zoom by our team of legal experts. Attendees can book individual webinars in the series or the entire series at a discounted price. See below for more information on each webinar.

Much has been written about umbrella companies over the years, quite often in the context of non-compliance. However, umbrella companies, often also referred to as payroll providers, fulfil a need on many levels and can provide an excellent resource for recruitment businesses wanting to avoid employing their agency workers directly. However, there is no legal definition of an umbrella company and the government has struggled with how, if at all, it should regulate this widely used industry.

Dealing with any third party business always comes with some risk. Exploring the good the bad and the ugly, this webinar will look at the various types of organisation that offer services for agency workers and how to identify those that provide minimum risk.

Thursday 13 April 2023


Since the IR35 rules changed in April 2021 supplying company contractors has become more complex, with many businesses instead choosing to avoid the IR35 rules altogether. The alternative is to engage the agency workers directly or via an umbrella company. Either method brings into play the agency tax rules, and should involve payments of tax and NICs under the PAYE scheme.

This webinar will look at why PAYE applies to agency workers, pros and cons, contractual requirements and pitfalls.

Thursday 27 April 2023


19 years have passed since the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 came into force on 6th April 2004. Covering aspects such as; KID, the requirements for placements, information gathering, opting out for companies and transfer fees. Application remains relevant for all recruitment related businesses and non-compliance can have both civil and criminal consequences.

Designed as a refresher for existing businesses as much as an introduction for new ones, this webinar will identify areas where agencies commonly get things wrong (with the potential consequences), as well as the simple steps to take to meet the requirements.

Thursday 11 May 2023


As hirers continue to worry about using contractors because of the IR35 rules and turn to employed or PAYE solutions from recruitment businesses, one aspect commonly overlooked is compliance with the AWR. Here there are obligations upon hirers, agencies and umbrellas to ensure that agency workers have access after 12 weeks to the same terms and conditions as regular workers working for the client.

This webinar will look at what these regulations mean and what it involves in terms of process and records, as well as the risks and liabilities arising from getting it wrong.

Thursday 25 May 2023


Whilst some EU countries require all workers to be employed, in the UK there are options that have enabled the recruitment supply sector to thrive and hirers to limit their exposure to employment liability.

This webinar will look at why understanding employment status is key to engaging any candidate other than as an employee, and the risks arising in terms of both tax and employment rights liability if status is misunderstood.

Thursday 8 June 2023


The rules around statutory holiday pay have always been tricky for temporary workers ever since they were introduced in the Working Time Regulations 25 years ago. The case of Harpur Trust last year has added further confusion and the government has now launched a consultation on amending the legislation to iron out the wrinkles.

This webinar will look at the law on holiday pay now and identify the problem areas for hirers, recruitment agencies and umbrella companies, with advice on how best to proceed as things stand.

Thursday 22 June 2023


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