Lawspeed supports ARC effort for post Brexit change

Some of you may have read recently that the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) has launched a Manifesto on post Brexit change. If not, please see here.

Entitled “Post Brexit UK: a better place to do business”, the Manifesto encompasses policies based on research and advice from us at Lawspeed.  As legal and compliance specialists to the recruitment industry, it’s our belief that the government’s proposals for an online tool to address IR35 tax avoidance in the public sector simply cannot work, yet it is set to happen.  In addition, HMRC continues to use terminology in legislation that we, as lawyers, know creates uncertainty and thus risk in an industry that we have been proud to service since 1997.

Ravi Murphy, director of Lawspeed, said: “ARC tasked us with coming up with some alternatives. Our brief was to help address tax avoidance, yet formulate some rules that can work easily in practice and are fair to all. We were also asked to suggest some methodologies that would help bring umbrella service providers back into alignment with agencies following the scrapping of tax relief on home to work travel earlier this year. The results, adopted by ARC, can be seen in the Manifesto, which we wholeheartedly support.”.

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