Lawspeed donates to the NHS

To help with the effort everyone is making to furlough and help agency workers and contractors Lawspeed is committed to donating 30% of its Covid related charges to the NHS.

Ravi Murphy, Director, said “One of the problems many face is understanding the government’s rules on contributions relating to furlough, agency workers, the self employed and contractors in both the private and the public sector. This, against the background that contract workers are normally not entitled to any payment between assignments, is holding up decision making and creating hardship and uncertainty for out of work contract workers.

“We would like to help for as long as questions remain in this area and the furlough principles continue. We can think of no better way to do this than provide the advice and documents, and pay our profit to the NHS. We shall therefore be donating 30% of our fees via the NHS Charities Together Campaign.

“We invite all agencies and hirers who want to help their workers by taking advantage of the government schemes to contact us for advice and documents, so assisting their contract workers and the NHS at the same time.”

To contact us please email quoting “Covid enquiry” in the subject line.