Lawspeed announces IR35 seminar: 21 June 2017, London

The new IR35 rules effective from 6th April 2017 were predicted by some to harbour disaster for public sector hirers, as key contractors were set either to walk out or increase their rates. However with hundreds of jobs now advertised as ‘outside IR35’, has HMRC strategy been defeated already, or is the ground set for a showdown?

To consider the issues, uncertainties and liabilities that both public sector hirers and contracting agencies face, and to review safe practice strategies, Lawspeed is hosting a half day seminar on 21 June in central London. Lawspeed experts will field questions put forward by attendees, as well as providing a ‘bigger picture’ analysis that will allow those present to understand the changes and determine what their businesses can do to lessen the impact.

Theresa Mimnagh, Associate Director of Lawspeed, said “The seminar will be a chance to cut through the fog and provide attendees with practical advice on how to navigate the minefield of uncertainty that is IR35 in the public sector.

“Lawspeed has specialised in advising upon and providing IR35 related contracts since year 2000. Historically, IR35 liability has rested with the contractors, leaving their accountants best placed to advise; that is no longer the case and the risks are now different. With a question mark over HMRC’s online tool in play, and a prospect that the new law could be extended to the private sector, this is an opportunity to review strategy in the round,” concluded Mimnagh.

The seminar will be suitable for senior management, HR and those responsible for compliance in contracting agencies and public sector hirers. It will also be useful for accountants in the contracting sector.

More information on the seminar can be found by visiting

With limited places available the seminar is expected to be over-subscribed, so it’s advisable to book early. Please give Lawspeed a call on 01273 236236 or email