IR35 strategy for agencies and hirers


Have you decided what you plan to do to address the contractor tax changes next April?

Some options work better than others

Take advice from your accountant… Outsource your decision making process… Decide not to use company contractors ever again… Use HMRC’s online CEST tool to assess employment status…Hire in a contract review service… Take out IR35 insurance… Push all contractors through an umbrella company… etc, etc, etc.

What three things do these options have in common?

  • all involve risk, some more unacceptable than others
  • none provide a 360 degree view of the issues and options
  • none involve obtaining independent legal advice from qualified specialists who have been working within the recruitment sector for 22 years.

IR35 specialists

Lawspeed has helped thousands of agency and hiring businesses since 1997. As expert lawyers, we have always specialised in employment status, IR35, contractor/staff engagement and crucially the contracts that underwrite everything. Coupled with a unique insight into the recruitment, staffing and contractor sector, the legislation, the models, the pros, pitfalls and the players, understanding and addressing risk from an operational perspective goes to the core of our function.

Commercial protection

With sensible strategy and commercial protection at the heart of our approach, we can honestly say that using Lawspeed as your advice and contract partner will give you an edge that others simply cannot.

Don’t live with unnecessary risk, choose the sensible, cautious, proactive, practical and forward looking option – call Lawspeed.

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