Fees introduced for Tribunal claims and appeals

Fees are expected to be introduced for anyone making a claim or an appeal in Employment Tribunals in new rules expected to come into force in July 2013.

The aim is to transfer some of the £84m cost of running the Employment Tribunals from the taxpayer to those who use the system. It is also hoped that the introduction of fees will encourage employers and employees to resolve their disputes at the earliest opportunity, before it reaches a Tribunal.

Level of fees

All claimants will be required to pay a fee, firstly when a claim form is presented to an Employment Tribunal (“issue fee”) and secondly, if the case is not settled, withdrawn or otherwise dismissed, another fee 4-6 weeks before the hearing date (“hearing fee”).

The level of the fees depends on the nature of the claim. For example, claims regarding unpaid wages, notice or redundancy pay made by a single claimant will be charged a £160 Issue Fee and a Hearing Fee of £230. For claims concerning unfair dismissal and discrimination, the Issue Fee is £250 and the Hearing Fee is £950, if there is a single claimant.   

These proposals have not yet received final parliamentary approval, so they may be subject to change.

Theresa Mimnagh, Associate Director at Lawspeed said:

“The introduction of fees should be welcomed by employers and recruiters. It should help to deter vexatious claims and give claimants a reason to pause before pursuing a claim rather than, as is now the case, simply completing an online form and pressing submit.

Lawspeed regularly assists both employers and recruiters with representation at Employment Tribunals, as well as providing assistance in dealing with issues, or potential claims before they reach that stage”


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