Employment tribunal fees come into force in July

Back in May, Lawspeed reported that fees would be implemented for claimants at Employment Tribunals later this summer.

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We can now confirm that fees for Employment Tribunals (ET) and Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) will come into place on Monday 29 July 2013.

Adrian Marlowe, MD at Lawspeed said: “The introduction of fees is likely to encourage both employees and employers to resolve their disputes at the earliest opportunity, before it reaches a Tribunal.”

From 29 July, all ET claims and EAT appeals from the employment tribunals presented to HM Courts & Tribunals Service will be liable to pay a fee or provide an application for fee remission.

The level of the fees depends on the nature of the claim. Issue fees will be either £160 or £250 while hearing fees will be £230 or £950.

Marlowe concluded: “However, the deterrent of fees is only helpful to a certain extent and does not replace having proper contracts and procedures in place to deal with difficult situations.”

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