The EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) is due to apply on 25th May 2018 with a new Data Protection Act (DPA) to follow. Lawspeed GDPR data protection service supports recruitment.

The new rules take into account advances in technology and innovation since the last DPA in 1998 and impose a new approach to personal data protection.

Based on principles of transparency, the key change in the  GDPR data protection rules is the requirement for all businesses to establish clearly the basis upon which they use information relating to individuals, how it is used, why it is used and for how long. Historically many businesses have simply relied on obtaining a data subject’s consent to use of the information without addressing the detail that is now required.

Recruitment businesses are particularly affected as all process significant amounts of personal data both as employers and the providers of recruitment services. Compliance with the GDPR data protection rules is critical given the reputational and financial penalties that failure to comply could lead to.

By taking advantage of the Lawspeed service you can save money, time and worry

We offer a comprehensive range of services, documentation and full support now and as the rules evolve. By taking advantage of our data protection service with all necessary updates you can save money, time and worry.

Recruitment specific services include:

  • Plain English comprehensive GDPR/data compliance guide
  • Privacy notice addressing all individuals you deal with (not just candidates!)
  • Data sharing agreement for use with any third party
  • Virtual or actual presentations
  • Bespoke advice

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