The EU has created data protection regulations (GDPR) which are due to apply on 25th May 2018 across all member states including the UK.

The primary rationale is to update data protection and privacy rules taking into account technology innovation, and the regulations include a range of new and complex obligations relating to the processing of personal data.

This EU measure is seen as critical and failure to comply will attract serious fines. The government is also proposing to introduce further UK relevant data protection rules in 2018.

failure to comply will attract serious fines

As recruitment agencies process significant amounts of personal data, this is an area of necessary interest for all employers and those involved in staff and contractor placement, as well as all employers.

Having analysed the areas of likely exposure to risk under the GDPR from a recruitment and employment perspective, we offer a comprehensive range of services, documentation and support designed to ensure your business is able to comply, promptly and effectively.

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