Without suitable recruitment business terms and conditions in place, fees are always at risk and exposure to liability can catch you out

Risk and liability will undermine the value of your business whether you operate a lifestyle approach, want to develop your business to sell or merge, or you are part of a significantly sized organisation. Good governance is important. Accordingly, it is critical to use well formulated, suitably commercial, terms of business with those you deal with (your business partners, clients and candidates) and have access to specialist support.

Exceptional terms

Used widely throughout the UK, Lawspeed recruitment terms of business and model contracts are exceptional, accurate and commercially realistic. They provide best protection, reducing administration, maximising fee recovery and minimising liability and risk in a unique and effective way.

Use of Lawspeed contracts represents a valuable investment in your business.

Provided with explanatory notes and access to a comprehensive support package, terms of business are available for all types of recruitment arrangement, including IR35 related engagements, with bespoke terms available on request. Inclusive cross discipline (permanent, supply, contract, direct hire) client terms for use by recruitment businesses are available to be hosted online, making transactions with clients even easier.

Use of Lawspeed contracts, quietly working in the background to help good governance and enhance both your P&L and balance sheet, represents a valuable investment in your business

Exceptional support

contract maintenance – all Lawspeed terms of business are subject to continuous review and updated wherever justified, for example where there is a relevant change in the law or some emerging commercial exposure. Subscription to ‘contract maintenance’ keeps your terms of business fully updated in line with contemporary change.

updates and advice from implementation through to fee recovery and dispute resolution 

helpline – support for Lawspeed terms of business and model contracts includes free implementation consultancy to explain why certain clauses exist and the relevance to your business, and access to our helpline manned by our friendly consultants

dispute and recovery – our streamlined fee recovery service (AFR), is designed to address unpaid introduction and supply fees as well as back door hire and disputes with clients or candidates. Using Lawspeed contracts make fee recovery easy. See more on AFR.

training  – in house training or external workshops on how to use the contracts can be useful for both management and consultants use. See more on training.

Do contact us now to discuss how Lawspeed recruitment terms of business and model contracts with built in support will compliment and enhance your business.