Contract maintenance – protection against risk

Last week Lawspeed delivered updated Agency to Umbrella contracts to scores of recruitment businesses as part of the legal firm’s on-going dedication to protecting clients’ commercial interests.

Ravi Murphy, Director at Lawspeed said: “This latest Contract addresses new potential risk and brings greater clarity to the commercial relationships between agencies and their ‘umbrella’ suppliers. It provides added protection in a number of areas including confidentiality and non-competition.

“The enhancements comprehensively identify and under-pin the transparency necessary for healthy agency-umbrella working relationships.

“This revision is part of the regular, automatic updating service Lawspeed provides on all our recruitment and employment contracts to maintain cover against areas of potential threat. In an evolving business environment our clients find this invaluable as their businesses remain protected against emerging commercial risks.”

For more information on confidentiality and competition issues or the Lawspeed contract maintenance service please call 01273 236 236.