Consultation on Agency Workers Directive published

The government has finally published (8th May 2009) its long
awaited consultation on new rights for agency workers, following the
Agency Worker’s Directive enacted in Europe in December 2008.

Click here to view the consultation document and see subsequent articles in left hand column.

The proposal is that agency workers should have “at least” the same
pay, working and employment conditions as employees on the end user
site. There is a legal requirement for the government to bring in
legislation on this basis by no later than December 2011, but the
government has vowed to introduce the UK legislation within the current
Parliamentary Session, namely by the end of this year.

The proposed new laws have the potential of being the single most
damaging piece of legislation since the recruitment industry began, and
the concept has been controversial from the outset.

This now takes the number of current government consultations affecting the recruitment industry to 3.

The Consultation is to be in two parts – the first relating to
policy matters and the second to review the draft legislation. The first
part is due to close on 31st July 2009.

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