Little provides greater peace of mind than a recruitment compliance audit by expert lawyers.

Whether you are  a recruitment business supplying contractors, interim managers or agency workers, or are a hirer or an RPO it is helpful to manage exposure to risk by checking that your policy and contractual requirements are being followed. An audit by an independent external specialist can help with your own internal systems, processes and governance. A Lawspeed audit is designed to help your own compliance team to identify gaps and problems and then understand how to address the issues that have been found, so providing a short cut to implementing and validating your compliance strategy.

an audit provides a shortcut to compliance

There are many potential risks that can arise, some in relation to tax (for example where tax debts or PAYE obligations can be transferred), others in relation to legal rights (for example, the Agency Workers Regulations, Agency Conduct Regulations or employment rights).

good compliance underpins your business value, and provides assurance and confidence at the same time

A Lawspeed audit can be scoped to suit but will typically review all operational areas to check compliance with relevant regulations and best commercial practice. This includes documentation  and processes used as well as consultant activity. The review is followed by a summary of findings and recommendations that will enable you to build confidence and provide internal and external assurance.

Modern Slavery rules affect the entire supply chain as does data protection legislation, with the GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) and new Data Protection Act applying from May 2018.

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Why choose Lawspeed as your audit partner

Over 20 years of servicing recruitment businesses counts for a lot, and few compare. Our lawyers are fully trained in compliance auditing. We are the legal partner and auditor to the accreditation organisation Standards in Recruitment (SiR), and the trade association, the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC). With our knowledge of staffing and recruitment and our legal expertise who better to check your interests are protected?

Lawspeed recruitment audit services are complimented by a specific service for service providers, our Service Provider Accreditation (SPA),  an established and recognised quality mark.