Are standards important?

in a packed room at the Recruitment EXPO in Birmingham gave a 100% yes in
response to the perennial question, “Are standards important to the recruitment

those outside the industry, it may come as a surprise, especially when the
government is set on reducing the regulation of agencies, with further
announcements expected this month.

a £25bn per annum industry, reputation counts and it only takes a few to damage
excellent services provided by the many, so the challenge is how to actively
demonstrate your own good standards to both hirers and candidates in a climate
of deregulation.

members had discussed how hirers and candidates can unfairly see recruiters as
poor value for money, an image they know is inaccurate and want to see quashed.

Director of the recruitment, compliance and legal consultancy Lawspeed, Adrian
Marlowe, addressed the subject head on commenting “Whilst a reduction in
regulation is welcome overall, nobody wants to see a reduction in standards.
Good quantifiable standards benefit the industry as a whole”.

will be holding a seminar on the 19th November in London to discuss the latest government
proposals and the future for standards in recruitment.

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