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About Lawspeed

Recruitment and employment - Why our proposition is unique and relevant

We are the only UK law firm that since 1997 has focused almost entirely on the recruitment sector, and recruitment and staff/contractor engagement from top to bottom. 

Now, with regulation ever expanding, our services are designed to help our clients through the red tape and the practical requirements, whilst always keeping an eye on the commercial realities.


Founded by Adrian Marlowe (1997), a lawyer, then joined by Rebecca Marlowe (Director) from the recruitment industry, the management team includes Ravi Murphy (Director and shareholder) (joined 2000) from the insurance sector, and Theresa Mimnagh (Associate Director) (joined 2005), an employment lawyer. Our advisory team consists of qualified lawyers and trained experts from these various worlds fully versed in the ways of the recruitment and employment sector.

Given our background and our experience over the years since our inception, we understand risk and the day-to-day legal and commercial challenges that can exist in staffing engagement. Central to our services is knowing what is going on in every corner of the hiring sector, which we gain through our extensive exposure to the industry. Our approach is proactive, not reactive, so providing a highly valued and cost-effective service.

Locking in value

This methodology enables us to help businesses succeed and has resulted in numerous positive outcomes. On the macro scale, representing multiple businesses and influencing government during consultations (e.g. relating to IR35, agency regulations, agency worker regulations, Employment Tribunal review (via our trade association ARC). On the micro scale, establishing day to day compliance processes and systems, auditing and accreditation of chain supply (via our accreditation arm SiR) and creating first class operating contracts constantly updated for use by our clients. Continuing the evolution, our latest innovation, Proterms, is an entirely new concept for an online contract management platform, suitable for use with most kinds of engagement and employment contracts and with a host of features that should bring a smile to the face of all contract and compliance managers.

The common factor is in everything we do is to protect and improve, so locking in value. Contact us for a free initial no obligation discussion.

Group Organisations

All core legal services, including business to business templates with updates, contract review and drafting, seminars, webinars, process audits and training, fees recovery and litigation support.

Digital platform that revolutionises the way you manage and record your contracts and documents: a fully professional solution – create, issue, track, and save securely in one place, using NoSign technology.

The UK’s only independent improvement, audit and accreditation service programme for recruitment businesses of all sizes and denominations, approved by Crown Commercial Services (Education).

A professional trade association representing recruitment consultancies across all sectors, with a focus on the things that really matter for recruiters.

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