6 reasons to be happy in 2012

With the (not so unexpected) news that the UK is officially back in recession, and the fears that we may already have had our summer for 2012 it is easy to feel down beat. So we thought we’d remind you of a few things which you have to look forward to over the coming months.

1)    The Olympics – just in case you had forgotten. We know that this might mean extra stress, changing of working practices, commuting woes and reduced staff, but it is bound to lead to people coming together to cheer on their teams. We predict a real holiday feel in the air as London based employees will be treated to giant TV screens to enjoy the sporting events from their desks and no doubt street parties and celebrations will be happening UK wide for 3 weeks.  At the very least it will be something a bit different for the summer.
2)    Bank holidays – for those of you that can enjoy them, everyone likes the thought of getting what feels like a free holiday.
3)    A new financial year = a new start – it’s time to look forwards and not back and make your plans for the year ahead. Think of it like New Year resolutions, what can you do to make your business stand out and get work ahead of your competitors?
4)    Summer breaks – some of you may have summer holidays planned, or may at least be able to catch a couple of days at the beach on the very rare hot weekend – sunshine helps release endorphins which is bound to give you a brighter outlook.
5)    AWR progress – we had to include something recruitment related. A recent report has announced employer’s top ten deterrents to taking on new staff. Positively, the AWR was not included in this. On the whole the AWR hasn’t had the negative impact everyone feared, and hopefully now, in comparison to this time last year, we are all understanding the rules more clearly and getting into the swing of applying them.
6)    Christmas! (only joking – not quite there yet!)

Author: Emma Hamilton