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Next to your staff, your terms of business are your most important asset. Are they up to date, do they cover your risks adequately? Do you need a third party contract review, or are you seeking specialist templates with automatic updates?

Business and regulatory compliance underpins success. Are you looking for commercially realistic ‘how to’ advice on recruitment, data protection or employment law, or do you need support for a contract, regulation, employment or fees dispute?

2021 saw self employment models under challenge, and status, tax and rights issues are centre stage. Do you need expert advice on status, IR35, agency tax, chain supply, personal service company, self employed or umbrella company models? 



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We are a niche legal consultancy providing expert professional support for businesses in the area of recruitment, employment and contract law, with a focus solely on this complex market area. 

From a ‘virtual’ legal department and access to sophisticated contract templates through to a digital contract management platform that facilitates and secures your contract compliance whatever your requirement, we provide the expertise you can rely upon for the years ahead.

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All core legal services, including business to business templates with updates, contract review and drafting, seminars, webinars, process audits and training, fees recovery and litigation support.

Digital platform that revolutionises the way you manage and record your contracts and documents: a fully professional solution – create, issue, track, and save securely in one place, using NoSign technology.

The UK’s only independent improvement, audit and accreditation service programme for recruitment businesses of all sizes and denominations, approved by Crown Commercial Services (Education).

A professional trade association representing recruitment consultancies across all sectors, with a focus on the things that really matter for recruiters.


We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Latest News

In 2020 the Department of Business Enterprise and Industry Skills (BEIS) introduced legislation which requires every employment business (‘agency’) to produce information on pay to those candidates that it intends to supply. This is a step that should be taken before the agency enters into any contract with the candidate. Since the launch of the legislation, it is understood that compliance with the requirement has not been good, and BEIS has recently upgraded is capacity to look into this and complaints that arise.
The government has today announced legislation, in response to the current strike action by rail workers and the threat of industrial action from other sectors. The legislation will allow the supply of agency workers to replace workers taking part in industrial action. Is this something that should be welcomed by the industry? Or is it likely to cause more problems and are there more important areas surrounding compliance that should be addressed.
In this country we have the belief, encouraged by successive administrations, that it’s ok to be self employed or work via a company. After all, you can buy a company off the shelf at the click of a few buttons for less than £25. Once set up you are entitled to a host of business tax reliefs whilst at the same time saving anyone you work for the trouble of paying out employer NICs. What could be better?

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"We have been working with Lawspeed since 2007 and they have become an integral art of our operations. They understand our particular requirements, respond to queries speedily, tailoring responses accordingly, are pro-active in keeping us up-to-date so we are always prepared operationally well ahead of time. We cannot recommend them highly enough..."
Campion WiIlcocks
"Lawspeed was highly referred and recommended to us. We needed advice on a dispute, and found the team to be extremely helpful. They were diligent, clear and most importantly gave us a clear understanding on the time frames and process. I would have no problem recommending Lawspeed to anyone in the recruitment industry..."
Empire Partnership
"We engaged Lawspeed to provide some bespoke contracts to ensure we are providing a professional service and are equally protected as a specialist boutique business. Lawspeed has an unrivalled knowledge of the staffing and consultancy industry and are accustomed to the challenges we face, and they deliver a great product. It is comforting to know you are discussing real business issues, with people who not only understand your business but have a solution..."
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